How to choose home builders

Every new homeowner’s desire and dream is to have the best home in life, as a homeowner making the right decision in choosing the reputable home builder is the best thing one can do, this will always leave you a happy homeowner after the home is complete.

There are several ways to choose the best builder in the market. The market is full of countless home builders. An article by about reputable builders have also covered the topic. For example, have they completed a similar job before? Can they take more job and finish your project within timeline? Such as these and several other factors below are worth to consider.

Searching for customer satisfaction award in National House Builders (NHB)

The Housing Builders Federation (HBF) always carries out annual customer satisfaction surveys; their findings are of great help to the new homeowners who are aspiring to build new homes or carrying out renovation of their existing homes.

HBF rates their finding with 1-5 stars that will aid homeowners in finding the best home builders in the market.

Considering checking home, door, windowhome builders after-sales service records

Former home buyers always give their feedback on the home builder’s social media, which will help the future aspiring home buyers about the performance of home builders.

A homeowner can access the testimonials about home builders through Facebook and Twitter. Satisfied homeowners will not hesitate to recommend the homebuilder services to other homeowners.

Enquire about warranties and guarantees

Does the home builder allow you guarantees and warranty? New home warranties give homeowners peace of mind in case of any defects. Warranties always last for ten years. Warranties; are provided by Premier Guarantee, the Local Authority Building Control Warranty, and the National House Building Council in the UK. These three companies operate under the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

Consider tendering several the home builders

Sending tenders to different builders will help you in getting the best building companies competing well, and you end up getting the best companies. It is good you send quotations to five but not less than three companies.

Checking credentials in trading association

Every reputable builder always registers with the trade association; trade association carries out vetting about the builders to ensure the builder operates correctly as per the laid down rules. You ought to thoroughly check the builder’s credentials.

Payment issues

Most reputable home builders ask for payment of a small percentage to cover some administrative paperwork. However, if you come across a builder that asks for the full down payment before commencing, the job should be avoided at all costs.

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Builder Legal Contract

Does the home builder have a legal policy in their work? Any builder who does not employ the use of a building contract should be-avoided. It specifies the obligations for both the builder and the client. In case of any future unforeseen dispute, it will help in handling the risen issues.

Contract works insurance

Before you agree with the home builder, make sure the builder has contract works insurance that will cover the damages in case they arise during construction. If the builder does not have this policy, then your home will be at high risk in case of any eventualities.

Consider Uniqueness and differentiation

Every builder is unique in their own right when selecting a builder to consider asking questions that will help you in achieving your goals and digging for more information about the uniqueness of the builder compared to other builders in the market.


It is good to carry out thorough research about what the builder has done in the past years of the operations. You should visit the projects the company has completed in the past and see for yourself before you enter into any contract.


selecting a reputable home builder is the best thing a homeowner should put more effort into.